Old Gold?

You know it as soon as you hit it, as soon as you pick it up. . . There’s something about ‘that’ cymbal that makes it different, the one.  That’s the dream folks! Welcome to the world of the vintage Zildjian cymbal fan. Not quite reality but almost.

Why a Vintage cymbal, it’s just old? sure I just can buy a new shiny one off eBay? A good question but sometimes steak is just worth it.

Just as no two cows [?] can be the same, no two cymbals can be the same. That variation is no better expressed than through the work of the Zildjian cymbal artists who hand hammered the cymbals made by the Zildjian company from he late 1920s onwards. in 1964 the company stopped hand-hammering as the primary means of production and cymbals after this time became heavier, much more standardised and less rare.

There are a number of words often used when talking about the different periods and the products of that time. The standard method of identification is the stamp. various stamps have been in use at various times over the years  and we can usually date cymbals to a period. but rarely a specific year.

Be warned that some of the Istanbul cymbals for example are very collectible as ‘playable art’ . They have sold for £5,000+ and looking at sales on eBay, they are regularly around the $1800-$2000 mark. You can shop around and find good ones for much less if you are not looking for a specific type.

I hope that you find the site interesting and useful. Thanks for Reading and good luck in your search for Vintage Zildjian Cymbals

Paul Marshall – Drumdojo.com